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17.05.25 – Yheti @ Stilldreamin 3 Year

Come Celebrate the Stilldreamin 3 Year Annivesary w/ Yheti + more TBA Thursday May 25th, 2017 - 18+ enter / 21+ bar $8 Early Bird Presales - BUY TICKETS Performances by: Yheti + more tba Thursday May 25th, 2017 -18+ enter / 21+ bar Doors @ 9pm More info coming soon!...

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The Dream Returns in 2017!

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That feeling when you realize you are…

Prepare yourselves to be sensestantalized and mesemerized!

At Stilldream we work VERY hard to give you a unique lineup, one that satisfies your thirsts for new cutting edge music as well as mixing in time tested favorites and long time Stilldream residents and friends and family.

Artists Applications:

February 1st and will only be open until March 15th.

Others have seen what is and asked why? I have seen what could be and asked why not? 

— Pablo Picasso

That moment when you stop and realize you are surronded by my amazing art. That magical feeling as visions and dreams are being realized and you are a part of it. We love to feature live painting, Featured Artists, Art Gallery’s, Art Installations, Theme Camps if we haven’t listed it let us know! 

Visionary Artists Applications:

February 1st and will only be open until April 1st.

In a dream within a dream…. we’re

Some moments captured in Time from Previous Dreams….

Take youreself back to 2016!

Kenny Hoff 2016 Raw footage.

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