Stilldream 2021

Dear Fam,
Our 2021 Campout is officially SOLD OUT. There will be no more Weekend Passes Available.
If you already have your Weekend pass you can still purchase a few Weekend pass add-ons like like  Car Camping if available.
Thursday Early Entry is now only available for purchase at the gate while accompanied by a Weekend Ticket. 
Thank you everyone, the outpouring of support this year has been amazing. We love you all.
~Stilldream Family

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First of all, we want to thank everyone for supporting us and taking care of yourselves. Our events have always been done out of our love and dedication to the scene, the culture, and mostly the community. For us, it is a way of life.

With COVID, we have all had to make many adjustments – especially the event industry! Like many festivals, we weren’t sure if we were going to make it through the shutdown. As a small, family run event, we didn’t know if we had the resources to weather such a duration.

By extreeme popular demand, we were going to hold StillDream 2020 back at Belden Town Resort; and, so we were originally planning for 2021 to be there as well. Before the pandemic we were selling tickets, and reserving hotels and cabins. But, as restrictions ebbed/eased, and time went on we had to deal with several facts: first, is the venue, county and Federal forestry agencies even willing to work with us? Second, is it safe to gather our community yet? And, finally, could we get enough people back post-pandemic to create a financially viable event? It is a fact, the operating costs of Belden are very high, and it takes quite a large staff/volunteer base to make Belden the best it can be. It is not a large place, but with off-site parking, shuttling services, etc this creates a lot of work and has more costs than some other venues.

We knew with vaccinations rolling out that a StillDream 2021 Festival at Belden was potentially possible; but, unfortunately, given the lead time needed to work with localities, the amount of money, and amount of infrastructure to be put together… we literally ran out of a way to hold an event at Belden this year. So what to do? The community had the answer – go back to our roots!

As Stilldream has grown over the years we have transitioned through several phases. From renegade, to campout, to gathering, and eventually a world recognized Festival. The Campout was the first legitimate iteration of Stilldream as a community event; and, with the help of community feedback we had a moment of inspiration, and a solution:

FIRST, we are reserving dates at Belden Town Resort for a StillDream FESTIVAL 2022. All tickets from 2020 FESTIVAL purchases will be applied to our 2022 FESTIVAL at Belden. This makes it easy and applies to all tickets and lodgings. No confusion. You bought a ticket for Belden, we’re still going back to Belden…just next year, in 2022.

In the meantime, while we wait for a StillDream FESTIVAL in 2022, we still wanted to do something this year that was more viable. This year we are bringing back the StillDream CAMPOUT. What does that mean? Well you can still expect some really killer production by our sister company Royal Sound and Lighting to create some incredible atmospheres. Of course there will be amazing Art, vendors, and flow zones; but we are also bringing back THEME CAMPS, creating a bigger focus on our favorite part, YOU, our community! Here are some key differences you can expect at our StillDream CAMPOUT:

    • CAPACITY – In order to create a safe and healthy gathering space, and to meet with COVID guidelines, we are reducing capacity by about half; so expect a smaller, more intimate event.
    • COMMUNITY – We’re reaching out to our Burner family and friends for THEME CAMPS and Art Installations. With reduced capacity at Blue Mountain Event Center, we have the bonus of a gathering much like the Stilldream of the mid 2000’s. We’re looking at you, our family, to add to the event. More participation equals a better event for all of us.
    • MYSTERY – To keep the focus more on the community, we will NOT be releasing a lineup until you’re actually AT the CAMPOUT. Yes you read that right. We will not be releasing performers until you get to the event. Be prepared to be amazed and know that every single artist is there because they wanted to be a part of the dream this year.

This CAMPOUT is dedicated to the Family, positivity and a truly amazing Vibe. We know that our community is knee deep in amazing music, and we will be able to source an amazing lineup to tantalize your ears and move your feet. All artists performing will be invited for a 100% curated experience with a lineup consisting of your friends, family, and special guests. So, if you want to perform, you must apply on our site!This year we’re going back to our Roots. We’re also looking to the future and hope this can be a test of what creating a sustainable Stilldream event looks like that may be able to run for years to come, even during harder times. Reduced Capacity, multiple Amazing Void Acoustics sound systems, live art, vendors, flow zones, theme camps, Family vibes.

We know this is a lot to take in. Big Deep Breath….. Stay tuned in.

Stilldreaming of Seeing all of you this Summer!


JULY 22-26, 2021



JUNE 23-27, 2022



SOME 2020 – 2022 FAQs

Q: What do I do if I bought 2020 FESTIVAL tickets?

A: If you bought a ticket for 2020 at Belden, your ticket is now transferred to our 2022 Belden event. You don’t have to do anything. The event will be June 24-27, 2022. All Tickets types, Car passes, RV passes, Hotel Rooms, early entry are good for Belden 2022.

Q: Can I transfer my 2020 FESTIVAL ticket to the 2021 CAMPOUT?

A: As of right now, no. Its easiest if we keep tickets associated with once experience to stay with that experience/venue. As mentioned, costs vary from venue to venue; so a direct transfer isn’t so simple. As we get more into things, we may allow ticket transfers; but please bear with us. We’re doing our best to keep this as easy as possible. 

Q: Are 2022 FESTIVAL tickets on Sale yet?

A: Not at the moment. This may be expedited as we get our Festival mojo going again. So hang tight if you want tickets to next year’s Belden Event.

Q: Can i sell my 2020 / 2022 tickets to someone else?

A: Current ticket holders can be transfer their tickets from one attendee to another for the 2022 date, but always beware of scammers. Tickets can only be transferred one time and must be done through the EventBrite Ticketing system.


Stilldream 2022 – The Great Conjuction – Belden Town

June 23-27, 2022


“The Great Conjunction is the end of the world! Or the beginning. Hm! End, begin, all the same. Big change.”