We hope all of you are doing well in these troubled times, we can’t thank you enough for your patience as we have been working on this years event and how to move forward. Thank you so much, We love you all. When we started planning our 20 year anniversary we had no way to see what 2020 had in store for us. It seemed like the stars had aligned to give us our 20 year in the 2020. As we all know things took a sharp turn earlier this year as the shelter in place orders dropped and we all sat at home, watching, waiting and praying for an easy road out of Covid19. 

We’ve spent a lot of time planning our 20 year anniversary, this is to be our biggest celebration to date. 20 years… what a milestone to hit. We are so proud of the community that we have helped build with all of you, and so excited to return to Belden and celebrate together. 

As we have moved farther into 2020 the situation with Covid has developed and we knew that our original date in June probably wasn’t going to be possible. We secured a secondary date in August hoping that by the time summer rolled around we would see the decrease in numbers that would end up giving us the green light and be able to proceed. Just as we were about to announce the reschedule we saw the press conference from our Governor stating that events of 100 or more were most likely not going to be possible this year. Again we held out hope that things would get better and restrictions would be lifted. 

The Good news is things are improving. Covid is on the decline and things are starting to return to a little normalcy. Many counties and states roll into phase 2 and 3 of opening back up.  

As we’ve been working with County Planning departments, Health Officials and our team we’ve reached the conclusion that to play it safe (Safety is number one for our attendee’s and staff) we have decided to reschedule the Stilldream 20 Year Anniversary to June 17-21 2021. 

All existing tickets, ticket types, hotel / cabin reservations and add-ons and upgrades are now good for the new dates.  


A Thank You to You for Your Support!

As a THANK YOU for choosing to hold on to your tickets, we will be sending to all weekend pass holders a special Stilldream 20 Year commemorative Limited Edition Pin designed by Steve Wilson of Open Mind Studios. 

We also are planning a “Stilldream 19.5 – Virtual Dream” celebration that we will be streaming on twitch. Stay tuned for more info to come soon. 

Stilldream is a small family and community run organization. Our dedicated teams of staff, crew, artists, vendors and collaborators work hard for many months to keep the dream going. Every year presents its own unique challenges for budgeting an event this size and this year we now face our biggest hurdle to date. Our event cannot happen without your support. We are 100% user funded with no outside funding. Like most live events, we have always had a no-refund policy and our event lives and dies based on our ticket sales. 

So we please ask all who can please hold onto your tickets for 2021. Once we resume ticket sales for 2021 ticket prices will increase to the next available Tier. Ticket prices will not get any cheaper than they are right now. *However that being said, we understand the unique nature of the situation and the challenging circumstances some might be in. For those who are in need, you can choose to submit a request for a refund. Instructions will be mailed out to all ticket holders. 

So now we have a clear path to 2021. Everything will be the same but now better as we all have that much more time to build the anticipation for the best dream ever. 

Stilldream 20 in 21 at Belden on the Feather River during Summer Solstice. 

Let’s take this time to inspire hope in others, continue the movement and represent that no matter what happens we can all Stilldream!

We love you, thank you again for the last 20 years. Its been amazing and can’t wait to celebrate one more time with you in 2021. 

~Paul Gamma and the Stilldream Family 


Coloring Contest! Color Steve Wilson’s 2020 Butterfly Bridge. Submit and Enter to win a FREE Ticket to Stilldream (Weekend Pass + Early Entry) and all 3 variations of the Design.

Help Keep the Dream Alive

As we all know COVID19 has had a harsh affect on many small business. As you can imagine we at Stilldream have also been affected. We're accepting donations to help us keep going. 

We appreciate any help. Thank you!