Stilldream Festival 2018: Origins
+ Dear Fam, we are SOLD OUT. Unless you have a Presale Pass we can no longer accomodate you. Thank you for your understanding. We’ll see you next year. Much love!

Stilldream Festival 2018 Video Trailer!

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Stilldream Festival Schedule and Map 2018

Stilldream Festival 2018

Theme: Origins - July 27-30th, 2018 *Early entry July 26th
Blue Mountain Event Center, Wilseyville, CA


Imagine all the people living life in peace.
You may say I’m a dreamer,
but I’m not the only one.
I hope someday you’ll join us,
and the world will be as one. John Lennon

This year featuring 2 Stages of sound Provided By:

Stilldream Festival 2018


Stilldream Festival 2018

This year we are shifting gears and changing venues for our 18 year anniversary event. There are lots of reasons for us changing venues from: Our normal weekend not being available this year, to focusing on our goals to keep Stillream sustainable and going. We listened intently to the feedback from our community, artists, friends, family and our hearts and It was a tough decision. Whether to take this year off or take on a new adventure, but we are the adventurous dreamers type and don’t shy away from something new.

We are 100% confident that this years home of Blue Mountain Event Center is gonna be nothing less then stellar and provide us with many things that Belden might not be able to provide such as:
+ On site parking for all!
+ Actual Car Camping, unlike our previous venue there’s room to park your car right at your campsite, (get a car camping pass while available)!
+ A beautiful meadow in the middle of a forrest for amazing star filled night skys.
+ Something we haven’t had at Stilldream in many years… *Fire Performance is back! (*Authorised performance must check in and get verified, understand when and where you can do it and that you’re doing it safely)
+ Lower costs that we can pass on to you in ticketing costs!

As always we will still have all the amazing art, music and vendors that you have come to expect at Stilldream.

Stilldream has been at 6 different Venues over its 18 Year history so we are really excited about doing something different after 7 years at Belden. The good news is we aren’t leaving Belden for good so don’t fret dear Dreamers we will return!

Belden 2018
For those of you who need your Belden fix we have another event on the way that we are co-producing that we will be announcing soon for a date a little later in the Summer that is gonna be seroiusly amazing! It will be a different event then our anniversary event but will be just as stellar. Stay tuned in for more info!


Make the most of your Dream with these Weekend Pass Ticket Add-ons:
This Weekend Pass Ticket add on grants access to Festival Grounds so you can get in a day early on Thursday July 26th @ Noon, + Thursday Night Early Entry Event “Stilldream Origins” Barn Party an homage to our Stilldream Roots!

On site parking is limited so we are encouraging you to save room, help the enviroment and bring your friends with you! Share the Ride! Carpool (3 or more people in the Car get a discount on parking w/ verification on arrival)


Limited availability, park your care right at your campsite. Limited to vehicles 21′ feet and under.

►►► RV CAMPING w/ Hook Ups (no power):
32 ft and less, 5th Wheels and oversized tow trailers require RV Pass + Car Parking Pass. VERY LIMITED AVAILABILITY *Water and Sewer Only. NO Power Available.

Is their water or swimming at Blue Mountain Event Center?
The answer is YES!

There is a small swimming hole and Creek on the property. It might not be the feather river but we are still very blessed to be able to have an area to get wet and cool down on the festival site. We’ll upload more photos as they come in.

Congratulations Dreamers! Stilldream has been voted as one of the Top Festivals in the world!

Going on 18 Years and now we’ve been named one of the World’s Best Festivals by @Everfest – and greatest of all, we have our incredible community to thank for voting us in.


Stilldream One of California’s longest running festival – 18 Years and we’re still dreaming!

Dream by Jordan Hindo

My dreams are my plans

I head and examine

the necessary steps that i need to make happen

I’ll bleed if i have to

Plead if i haven’t

Beat all the people that seem to impact them

Its not enough just to see and imagine

I must be advancing my plans into action

Never stop

Never let satisfaction

Keep me from being the beast that outlasts them!

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