The Dream returns for its 24th Anniversary!

Come join us not just another festival, Stilldream is an experience. One of Norcals longest running Events.

Experience the Music, Community and Art in a setting that feels like home, even on your first time. We don’t like to use cliche words when describing our event but “Grassroots” comes to mind. Stilldream is a snapshot of West Coast culture. Continue the tradition that has been going on for 24 Years.

This intimate Festival is a place for you to feel free and express yourself. User participation is highly encouraged!

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The lineup for Stilldream remains a mystery until showtime.

For over 24 years, Stilldream has been a launchpad for both rising stars and seasoned veterans to shine brightly. Our lineup remains a mystery until showtime, fostering anticipation and excitement. We’ve shifted to a “Surprise and Delight” model, adding intrigue for all involved. We empower artists to promote themselves organically, enhancing engagement and anticipation. Upon entry, guests receive event schedules, heightening the surprise. Post-event, the lineup is featured in our website archive, honoring every artist alphabetically.

Join us in celebrating creativity and discovery at Stilldream, where the magic of the unknown awaits. Explore our legacy of talent and experience the thrill firsthand.

The Concha Learning Center

The Stilldream Festival Concha Learning Center is an inclusive educational initiative that celebrates the arts and fosters personal growth. Through workshops and immersive experiences, we provide a safe space for individuals to explore their passions, develop new skills, and connect with like-minded people. Our diverse programs empower participants to unlock their creative potential, while promoting community engagement and collaboration. We are committed to accessibility and ensuring that everyone, regardless of background or ability, can experience the transformative power of the arts. Join us on a journey of self-discovery, creativity, and lifelong learning at the Concha Learning Center.

Join the Dream Team!

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Participate in the Dream!

Performers, Visionary Artists, Painters, Theme Camps, VJs and more! 
2024 Applications are now Closed.


The Music

Bassmusic, House Music… we love it all!

The Performances

Incredible Performances Day and Night

The Vendors

Food, clothing and more! 

The Classes & Community

Meditatation, Yoga, Flow Class and more

The Costumes

Dress and participate, daily themes

The Art

Live Painting and Installations

The Dream Team

The amazing hard workers of the Dream

The Production

Powered by Void Acoustics and Royal Sound & Lighting

The Smiles

True family vibes bring us all together

The History

24 Years and going strong of West Coast Culture

The Venue

Tucked away in the Sierra Nevadas

The Stages

Incredible Dream Team created stage designs

The Flow Arts

Come learn, play and share 

The Art Installations

From visuals to stand alone installations

The Silly

Express yourself! Life is what we make it.

Let's have some fun, dress up and express yourself!

All attendees are encouraged to join in the fun.


Otherworldly Innerstanding

Enter an orbit where we come together through recognizing the idea that different worlds, beings and ways of life are interconnected. From space to sea and every world in between. We are all part of a bigger picture where diversity and acceptance are celebrated. Let us look beyond what’s on the surface and innerstand the cosmic connection of our collective unity. 



Embrace excitement, adventure and a hint of mystery. Time travel to an era of rebellion, a carefree and indulgent lifestyle. A time of liberation, flappers, fedoras and suspenders. Imagine letting loose while dancing the night away in a secretive and exclusive atmosphere. Life wasn’t so different 100 years ago…



Just like how a rainbow is formed by the refraction of light through a prism, our unique qualities and experiences create a vibrant tapestry of diversity. Even the different energy centers in our bodies areassociated with different colors as chakras. Tap into the powerful energy of the rainbow serpent, a symbol of transformation and connection. All of your colors belong here, let them shine and create something beautiful and harmonious.

Rest in Power – Rememberance Celebrations

We’ve lost some amazing people this year. As sad as we are, we want to celebrate them and the light they brought to this world.

Carlos "Supremo" Alfonzo - Saturday 3pm Creekside Stage

Celebration of life – Saturday Afternoon Creekside Stage 3pm-7pm. Tribute sets by close friends and family. We will be ending the ceremony from 6-7pm with a Carlos Alfonzo set from Stilldream 2009.

Abe "Adiios" Lemus - Thursday Night Barn Party

Celebration of life – Thursday Night Barn Party 11pm. Introduction and words by Austin “Kid Revel” Haggerty of Emerald Bass. We will celebrate Adiios by playing his Thursday night Barn party set from 2022.

The Road to the Dream 2024

City / State
More Info
Hosted By
April 12, 2024
Sebastapol, CA
Dissolv, Cannaba55, Christafari, Head$tash, A La Lune
Reprezent & Cannaba55
April 20, 2024
Reno, NV
Virginia Street Brewhouse
Sacha Robotti, Mz Wurthy, Donald Glaude and more!
John Moon Presents
April 22, 2024
Reno, NV
Dead Ringer Analog Bar
Brian Brotano, Micah J, Webster
John Moon Presents
April 26, 2024
Chico, CA
Winchester Goose
GAMMA, Old Griff, Deraj
May 17, 2023
Arcata, CA
The Jam
Cloud D, Suds, Christafari, Curtis B, Treemeista
Whomp Productions
May 18, 2024
Sacramento, CA
On the Y
Naughty Princess, Squrl, Scarebear b2b Mostow, Old Griff, Drimki
May 24, 2024
Nevada City, CA
Miners Foundry
Cambot, Deraj, Galea, Mudd, Hippy Lettuce
FAM Productions
June 1, 2024
South Lake Tahoe, CA
American Legion
thesoundofcreator, Masterkat, Manzi, Troutdaddies, plus Emerald Bass showcase: Opal, Mannymaze, Dazoo, Solflower
Station Seven Productions
June 7, 2024
Portland, OR
Merricat Black, Beachdrunk, Alt-1, this & that, SyrianRu, Shapeshift
Root Systems

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