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Participate in the Dream 2024

Stilldream 2024 – Applications

  • Volunteer
  • Auditory (DJs / Producers)
  • Visionary (Paint / VJs / Art Installations and more)
  • Performance
  • Vending
  • plus more!

Applications go live December 1st, 2023

Set a reminder as many of them will only be open until the end of January.

Stilldream & National Entity present

Jingle Your Bells 2023 – 9th Edition 

Step into the holiday wonderland of Jingle Your Bells 2023, Sacramento’s ultimate festive bash! Tickets are your passport to an evening adorned with cheer, dazzling lights, and joyous melodies. Don’t miss out on this grand celebration—secure your tickets today and unwrap the magic of the season with us. Join the merriest gathering in town and make memories that twinkle with the spirit of the holidays!

Thank you Stilldreamers for 23 Years of Magic!

Your vibrant energy and unwavering support made our event a monumental success. The crushing bass, infectious smiles, and shared moments of pure bliss created an unforgettable experience. Your presence brought life to the music and turned dreams into reality.

We are grateful for your passion, dedication, and boundless enthusiasm that lit up the dance floor. Together, we painted a vivid tapestry of unity and harmony. Until we meet again, let the echoes of our gratitude resound in your hearts. Stay dreamy, stay inspired! #StilldreamFamily

Stilldream 2023 Poster!

Now the event is over we can unveil this years full lineup of amazing artists. We are so blessed to be visited by so much amazing talent we can’t thank all the artists, attendee’s and participants for being a part of this years Dream. Our hearts full, our minds are clear and we are ready to tackle the world.

Thank you Royal Sound and Lighting!

For the FIVE incredible Void Acoustic sound systems! It sounded incredible! Not to mention all the lighting and visuals that helped light our nights!

  1. The Temple – Quadraphonic (Air Motions, Arcline 218, Air Vantage, Stasys 218, Monitors: Arcm15, Arcline 118)
  2. The Oasis – (Air Vantage, Stasys 218, Monitors: Airten)
  3. Creekside – (Venu 15, Stasys 218, Monitors: Venu 12s)
  4. The Barn (Air Vantage, Stasys 218)
  5. Renegade in the Woods (Venu 210i, Air8, Venu 8) 

 Get the Royal Treatment for your event Big or Small.