Ticket Info / Ticket FAQ

Important Ticket Info

Your Ticket is Your Responsibility Stilldream has a “no refund” policy on ticket sales. Once you purchase your ticket it is your responsibility to protect – if it is lost or stolen then there isn’t too much that we can do. We are not able to refund lost or stolen (or unused) tickets.

3rd Party Purchases

As time goes by there are going to be more tickets available through 3rd parties. We understand if you don’t yet have your ticket then you may be tempted to go for one at a high price. Please remember that we do not authorize any external website or individual to resell our tickets, and cannot verify any tickets purchased through a 3rd party. Please Lovelies, be careful and protect yourselves from fraud!!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I bought my tickets online but can’t find them or print them, What do I do?

A: You should have received a message like this after purchasing your tickets: “Paper tickets are only required if the event organizer has attached them in your email order confirmation. Paperless Online Ticket Sales will be “Will Call ONLY” at the Box Office. You will just need to bring your ID to claim your tickets at the Box Office.” This helps out many different ways but mainly by: 1) Making it so you don’t have to print something out, better for enviroment. 2) One less thing to forget. 3) Helps with Fraud. There seems to be a lot of people selling printed out tickets this year to multiple people. We want to avoid that.

Q:How do I know my ticket is valid?

A:By purchasing your ticket from our online store, or an authorized Stilldream ticket retailer. Validity of tickets purchased from 3rd parties can not be garuanteed. In purchasing from a 3rd party, you assume the risk of the ticket being invalid. Stilldream does not provide validation of tickets, nor do we release any information pertaining to the order.

Q:I can’t make it to the festival, can I return my ticket for a refund?

A:Stilldream does not authorize refunds for tickets – you will have to sell it privately. Please note that it is our policy not to refund tickets except under extenuating circumstances (emergency or catastrophe). We will need the full details of what happened. All cases are addressed individually. Please email info@stilldream.org if you feel your situation qualifies. If you want to transfer your ticket to another party see below in the ONLINE SALES section.

Q:What if my ticket is destroyed or lost?

A:Unfortunately we cannot replace or reimburse lost or stolen tickets. The ticket belongs to you and is your responsibility to protect. In order to get into the festival, you will need to purchase a new ticket through our website or at an authorized ticket retailer. If your ticket is destroyed, please let us know. We look into these situations individually. We will need you to send (what remains of) your ticket back into us for review. While we cannot guarantee a refund, we may be able to issue a replacement (in exceptional situations).


Q:I order a ticket now and pick it up at the festival? / What is Will Call?

A: Yes. This service is called Will Call. All orders are automatically placed at “Will Call’. Will Call means that you will be picking up your ticket at the Box Office located in Twain when you arrive.

Q:>How do I pick up my ticket from Will Call?

A: To pick up your Will Call ticket you’ll need:

  • – Your ticket will come with a QR code attached for each ticket. You can use the EventBrite App on your phone, the one thats sent to your email or you can print it out and we scan it on site.
  • OR
  • – Your valid government issued photo ID
  • – A second supporting piece of ID, like a credit, health card, passport, etc; anything with your name and signature or a photo
  • – A copy of the transaction receipt

Q: Can my friend pick up a ticket under my name from Will Call? OR What if I sell my Will Call ticket?

If your ticket was purchased through EventBrite please read these instructions:

Event Brite Ticket Name Change – Help Guide

Or you can have a friend pick them up using these requirements.

A: Whoever is picking up the ticket must have:

  • – A photocopy of the valid gov’t issued photo ID belonging to the person who placed the order
  • – A signed note granting permission to have someone else pick up the ticket from the person who placed the order, stating the name of the person to pick up the ticket
  • – A copy of the transaction receipt
  • – Their own valid government issued photo ID and a second supporting piece of ID
  • – This can all be put together on one document to present at the “will call” window.
  • – If the person picking up the ticket does not have this information, tickets will not be released to them and they may not be able to get through the gate.

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