Blue Mountain Event Center

7250 Mitchell Mill Rd,
Wilseyville, CA 95257

Link to Google Maps

A Georgia A Bowman Trust Property

Blue Mountain Event Center is a private event center supporting Veterans, Veteran Families and Local Charitable Organizations.

Directions: Use google map web sites with the address of 7250 Mitchell Mill Road, Wilseyville, CA.  

Approx. Travel Times. GPS systems will bring you right to the Event Center. Watch for signs.


Sacramento Area = 2 hours
Stockton Area = 1 hr 50 min
Modesto Area = 2 hours
Reno Area = 3 hours

Wilseyville CA, An area famous for the Wilseyville Hare Scrambles now opens the door for other bike riding event; street bikes and dirt bikes along with quads and side x sides. Street bike rider will enjoy the back country roads getting to a beautiful camping area. Dirt bike riders will need their “Big Boy Boots” on to challenge the steep terrain. We also have great beginner trails and places for kids to learn the skills.

The Event Center is located on the site of an early 1882 Sawmill. Different sawmills were in operations at Mitchell Mill until the late 1940s. The old building located at the bridge was one of the many cabins built for the sawmill workers. You will see how early America functioned without being connected to the electric grid system. See how water, wind and solar made living in rural areas much more tolerable.

Road Caution – for large RVs on Mitchell Mill Road.  Please SWING WIDE on all sharp turns, especially the turn where the mail boxes are located.  Watch for traffic and keep to the outer side all the way around the turn.  Same when crossing the narrow bridge with the steel guard rails.  SWING WIDE.

Motorcycle Riders: The State and County roads provide some of the best street motorcycle riding anywhere in California. The last 2 miles of County Road is very narrow and windy and includes a one lane bridge.  There are many narrow areas on this road that requires slow driving and pulling over where possible to allow traffic flow.  The County will not install speed limit signs or make more turn-outs.  We feel 15 MPH is the proper safe speed and ask that all persons using the Event Center respect these safe driving suggestions. There is ¼ mile of packed graveled County road just before interring the Event Center.  The roads inside the Event Center are packed gravel.  These areas will be watered for dust free travel. Please give right-of-way to any vehicles pulling trailers or larger vehicle like RVs.  Turns outs are available but may require some backing to allow others to pass.  Once in the Event Center, signs will be in place for camping areas and parking areas.  The Center is listed on Goggle Maps and some other GPS map systems.

Wildfire Concerns – While enjoying the beautiful mountains, everyone needs to be careful with fire.  Our policy during high fire periods are for all guest to stay within the meadow and green grass areas to smoke and no open campfires unless authorized by owners.  All Off-Road vehicles, bikes, quads, side x sides nee to have USFS approved spark arrestors.  There could be complete closure of the Event Center with high or extreme fire danger.

SMOKING   Remember – no smoking outside the Meadow areas during the dry season.  No smoking in the barn or on the stage.  Pick up your BUTTS!