Parking at
Blue Mountain

Parking Fee + Carpool Fee upon Arrival per vehicle

Blue Mountain Parking

The intimate nature of the venue means we don’t have endless rows of parking. On the up side it means you know your vehicle is on site and within a short walking distance of wherever you are camping.


So here’s the deal, we want you to Carpool.

      There’s lots of awesome reasons to Carpool like:
  1. Its good for the environment, less vehicles on the road, less emissions.
  2. Its a lot of fun to go on adventures with friends to places, more friends more fun!
  3. There’s an increased sense of security having people with you, rather then driving by yourself.
  4. Save on costs. The more friends sharing the ride the less it costs to get places.

and the list goes on…

 So do it! Get all that and save money on your Vehicle Enviromental Fee!


$40 (20 Parking + 20 VEF)

Park your car in our GA Lot and your all set for Walk in Camping. Blue Mountain is not a massive venue so that means everything is relatively close and accesible. Go Green Save Green – CARPOOLING is a must! Parking Pass Cost is comprised of $20 Parking Fee + $20 Vehicle Enviromental Fee. Get a Reduction in Fee by Carpooling up to $20 off. Subtract $5 for every person outside of the driver. Pay upon arrival.


Coming March 2022

Car Camping Pass allows you access to your car all weekend to campout of. Car Campers will be placed as they arrive. 10×20 ft space for your vehicle and campsite.


Coming March 2022

10×30 for your vehicle. Space for tents and RV must fit in designated space. VERY LIMITED AVAILABILITY 30 ft, 5th Wheels / large trailers require RV Pass + Car Parking / Car Camping Pass. Contact us for questions:

General Parking Fee $20 + $20 VE Fee

Save money by Carpooling! For every person in your vehicle you will save $5.

That means if theres

3 People in the car plus driver. -$15 from Vehicle Enviromental Fee. Total 20+5 = $25
2 People in the car plus Driver means -$10 from VEF. Total 20+10 = $30
1 Person in the Car plus driver = -$5 from VEF. Total 20+15 = $35 
Not Carpooling, Only Driver in the Vehicle, No Deduction = 20+20 = $40


Collected Upon Arrival