Welcome back Stilldreamers!

Here’s a list we have compiled to help you get ready for this years Anniversary. Please feel free to add to it. This is just a few guidelines to help you have more of an enjoyable experience while you’re with us this weekend.

Fire Performances / Fire Circle

Is only allowed in the designated circle. and any performance must be approved by our staff to insure the safety of yourself and everyone around you. We take this VERY seriously.


IMPORTANT MESSAGE to our beautiful fire spinning community: if u plan on joining us in the circle, don’t forget to attend the mandatory saftey meeting on FRIDAY / SATURDAY night at 7pm. Please bring a fuel contribution and you’ll receive your fire circle wrist band. 

Thanks 🙏🏼
Your dedicated fire family; Serendipitous Circus Productions

Please Note: ALL Vehicles are required to have a parking pass.

GA Parking / RV Parking / Car Camping.

See Parking Fees


Does Camping cost Extra? 
No Camping is included in your ticket price. A car Camping pass is required if you want to park your car at your campsite.

How big is each campsite?
Most camping is walk in Camping is walk in camping meaning that Campsites are free form. The only area’s that are reserved are those for car Camping. There is lots of good camping spots so arrive early to find your favorite place.


Are there ins and outs?
Ins and outs are permitted, but not for car camping passes. Once a car enters the campgrounds it can leave only once and will not be permitted to drive back into a campground.

Are campfires allowed?
Individual campfires are not allowed. Enclosed propane grills are acceptable in the camping areas but NO open flame or charcoal grills will be allowed.

Parking is limited – We encourage EVERYONE to Carpool!

Parking Pass + Enviromental Carpool Fee Per Vehicle for ALL Vehicles Required.

See Parking Fees



Need to Freshen up!? No Problem!

Stilldream is worked with Blue Mountain to install 4 new heated shower units at Blue Mountain Event Center. So Whether it be in the morning or after a long day of splashing around at the Oasis and dancing the day away you’ll be able to get refreshed with a nice shower.

Shower tokens will be $3 a piece.

Things to Bring and Not

Please bring all of your camping needs.

Use this as a check list:

  1. Tent (Remember if you are purchasing a new one, unpack at home to avoid unwanted garbage coming with you while you’re at Stilldream) *Also this year we are a little more limited on space. Please help conserve space for other Stilldreamers by optimizing what you have.
  2. Sleeping Bags, Blankets, Pillows
  3. Bug Repellent / Sunscreen – A must this year!
  4. Water (Please feel free to bring jugs / refillable bottle to fill up. Special spring well provides you some amazing water to keep hydrated!
  5. Food (5 days = hungry people some idea’s – Fresh Fruit, Veggies, chips, snacks). Though there will be some really awesome vendors Please bring extra Cash! its a good idea to bring some money to grab something from them too!  *REMEMBER When packing please only bring what you need, If you are bring a box of crackers leave the box at home and just bring the bag to help cut down on waste.
  6. NO Open Flame BBQ’s – There’s no doubt that this is a VERY DRY year. The area we are in this year has a very high risk of fire, there is a NO open flame bbq’s allowed. Camping stoves are ok but must never be left unattended.
  7. Ice – You’re going to be there for 5 days, make sure you have enough to keep everything cool while you’re there. If you run out there will be ICE available at the SD Headquarters / Merch booth at the Cross Roads.
  8. Flash Lights – It can get dark at night so don’t forget this necessity.
  9. Warm and Cold Clothes – it’s going to be warm during the day so bring some gear to get wet in, and at night it can be chilly.
  10. Fun Stuff – Super Soakers, Beach Balls, Hula Hoops, Poi, Frisbee’s, Yoga Mats, sketch pads, whatever fun stuff you can think of.
  11. Extra Toilet Paper – The bathrooms will be stocked, but you never know. Always good to be prepared.

Important Please Read

– ABSOLUTELY No pets of any kind. If you bring your dog, this may lead you to not being able to attend the Festival or being asked to leave. 
– This is a pack it in, pack it out event. Which means if you bring it in, it’s your responsibility to take it home. So please bring garbage bags and items that don’t cause much waste. This is VERY important so leave no trace! Don’t forget to help your neighbors too.
– Please observe the fire rules.
– No open fires or Camp Fires, This is a dry season for this region so please help us keep the forest safe, as well as everyone attending.
– Cigarette Butts! DO NOT throw them on the ground. This is high fire season so please put them out in of the designated cans, or on the ground and put them in a baggy in your pocket.
– If there is an issue with your bracelet staying on, or being too tight, please come to the front gate and we will give you a new one, but don’t take it off yourself.
– No Drugs of any kind / No Glass / No Kegs!
– No bad Vibes. – Or anything else that will detract from the overall fun of this event. ROAR Right of Admission Refusal. If you aren’t adding to the vibe then your subtracting from it.
– No firearms or weapons of any kind.
– No Fireworks.
– No Renegade Soundsystems.
– Please observe our quiet hours of 7am-10am.

!ABSOLUTELY! No pets of any kind.

If you bring your dog, this may lead you to not being able to attend the Festival or being asked to leave.

We love pets, dogs, reptiles, and all sorts of creatures, but please leave them at home. If you come and leave your animal in your car, we will forced to rescue your animal and have your car towed. Best to leave them at home with a friend or family member.


If you need to have your Animal with you at Stilldream Please write us for Approval.