Auditory, Visionary and Installations

2023 Auditory Lineup

Its a Mystery! We’re keeping with the tradition and this year continuing on from last year. We will continue on the path of not announcing our lineup ahead of time. We absolutely loved this aspect of last years lineup. This helps keeps the intention not focused on who’s playing. Expect another stellar lineup comprised of your favorite crews, labels, Stilldream Family and special guests. Lineup will be released at the event.

Artists who receive invitations to play will still be able to promote themselves and that they’re going to be there. So you’ll know those artists that you follow and who’s gonna be there if they want you to. Some of it might be a total surprise.

One thing we know is that Stilldream’s roots run deep. We’ll still be featuring some of the best up and coming talent, along with time tested legends and fam favorites.

We are dedicated to providing one of the dopest vibes to ever happen. We feel that this will help us do that. No artist will be doing this for the fame, no attendee coming just for the lineup.

All of us will be there for the pure intent behind the dream, the community and the love.

Expect the same dope production and killer sound systems like before.
All VOID ACOUSTICS provided by Royal Sound and Lighting

Visionary Artists

Expect the amazing artists that you are used to seeing at Stilldream every year. Live painting, Interactive art Installations and much more.

Art Installation

You are the Art, What fun there is to be done!

We’re also inviting more Theme Camps, Art Intallations and Art Cars. We’ll update the list as we confirm participants.

Serendipitous Circus
The Giving Tree

+ more to come

Immerse yourself in the Art