June 23rd - 27th, 2022

Blue Mountain Events Center

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Stilldream Returns in 2022 to Blue Mountain Event Center!

Since 2018 we’ve been proud to call Blue Mountain our home. We are happy to announce that we are returning in 2022.

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We’ve sold out the last 3 years, in 2021 selling out a full 2 weeks ahead of the event. Don’t delay in getting your tickets. Once they are gone thats it.

Beware of Scammers. The internet is fraught with unsavory characters trying to take advantage of those in need. When purchasing tickets from private individuals if you don’t know them personally please send us a message and we can verify any ticket owner purchases and monitor ticket transfers. Send us a message. 

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You Make the Dream a Reality!

When you are at Stilldream you help create the fabric of our world. We highly encourage participation from all attendees.  Have fun, express yourself. Inspire others.

Check out our Participation Applications below.

  • Volunteer
  • Visionary Artists
  • Theme Camps
  • Art Installations
  • VJs
  • Performance Art (Flow, Dance, Character)
  • DJs and Producers (Applications Closed)
  • Media (help capture the dream)
  • Healing Arts and Workshops and Classes

Let’s have some fun, dress up and express yourself!

All ticket holder are encouraged to join in the fun.



Therianthropy is the mythical ability of human beings to metamorphose into other animals by means of shape shifting.

We welcome you to release your inner most wild and explore new territories of what it means to embody the merging of the natural world and the mystical world. 

Fun Ideas: Mythical Creature – Unicorns – Werwolves – Animal Kingdom – Forest Critter or even become the forest itself! – Animal Onesies – All antlered, horned and winged creatures welcome!


Aquatic Interstellar and Beyond

Dive into the wondrous possibilities of the emergence of space and sea. Encounter creatures of the deep and beings beyond this world.

Come be apart of the aquatic and cosmic evolution. Allow your imagination to soar beyond all time and space and flow into infinite expansion

Fun Ideas: Sea creatures – Mermaids – Merpeople – Pirates – Astronauts – Extraterrestrial beings and creatures – Space pirates – Fantasy – Fairies – Deities


Through the Looking Glass

Take a leap down the rabbit hole and discover an unfamiliar world where things are not as they should be and al lis tipsy turbo. 

Embrace your inner most brilliant and cooky. Let those gears turn and find yourself in a world that has been turned totally upside down.

Fun Ideas: Steampunk – Alice in Wonderland – Abstract – Circus – Bizarre – Spooky – Jestures – Mimes – Wild Card – Anything goes

Join the Dream Team!

2022 Volunteer Applications


Applications Closed

Participate in the Dream!

Calling all Performers, Visionary Artists, Painters, Theme Camps, VJs and more!

Performance Arts

Applications Closed

Installations / Theme camps

Applications Closed

Healing Arts

Applications Closed


Applications Closed

Auditory Artists

Applications Closed

visionary artists

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Applications Closed


Applications Closed

~Stilldream Events~

The Road to the Dream

Friday May 27th Chico, CA Om on the Range BassMint Chico Duchess, Otter, Old Griff Facebook $10 @ the Door
Friday June 3rd South Lake Tahoe, CA The American Legion Emerald Bass Edekit, Adiios, Jabbs, Deraj, Nick Nyquil + many more! Facebook $20 @ the Door
$15 Presale
Thursday June 9th San Francisco, CA F8 Mind Frequencies & Thursday Drip Edekit, Eklektik, Cannaba55, Hippy Trap + many more! Facebook $20 @ the Door
$15 Presale
Saturday June 11th Chico, CA The Downlo Hippy Mafia Sessions JFB, Maculate, Wake an Blake, Curtis Blow, Weezy Coming Soon $3
Sunday June 12th Eugene, OR The Big Dirty Subversive Events Tsou, Blanck, Primvl, Ciroc Obama, Terasu Facebook $10 @ the Door
Saturday June 18th Arcata, CA The Jam Womp TBA Coming Soon TBA
Sunday June 19th ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ???
Thursday June 23rd-27th Wilseyville, CA Blue Mountain Event Center Stilldream 22 Year TBA @ Event Facebook Buy Tickets


Stilldream Festival 2020 – Belden Town, Covid, Fires, For Sale, Refunds, oh my…

Belden 2022 Update:

For 2 long years we’ve waited to bring Stilldream back to Belden one more time. First in 2020 it was delayed by the outbreak of Covid. Then 2021 scheduling conflicts and eventually the Dixie Fire led us to push back the date to 2022.

Unfortunately the Dixie Fire has left much of our beloved Feather River in ruins. Though Belden was saved for the most part, the town suffered severe smoke damage and the area around it burned. Many services have been destroyed going to the town. Belden no longer has power and is working with PG&E (trading a generator to run the town) for use of its off site parking lot for vehicles that are working to repair damage in the Canyon. No overnight stays are authorized thru 2022 minimum.

Long story short, Belden is not able to host shows for anytime in the foreseeable future. Ivan the owner has put the town up for sale. If anyone we know in our community wants to buy it, please reach out to him.

Phone: 530-283-9662

Stilldream and Belden:

We’ve been doing shows at Belden since 2005. It was our second home. We’ve bought countless artists there, hosted many events, we even helped Belden with their online presence, built and hosted their original website and establish their social media. When we go to a venue we become invested in it and the community around it. Belden is not just a venue but a home. We will miss you Belden and hope to return one day.

2020 Belden Tickets:

We understand the disappointment of not returning to Belden for some but hope you will join us this year at Blue Mountain.

All Weekend Pass Tickets will be carried over to our 2022 event at Blue Mountain Event Center.

That being said we understand if you’d like a full or partial refund. If you wish to request a refund since we can no longer host the event at Belden please submit a refund request. *All hotel and Cabin Rentals will automatically be refunded.

REFUND REQUESTS for 2020 AVAILABLE UNTIL Friday April 15th, 2022 

Thanks for your patience

Hang tight as we process the refunds. Your patience is appreciated. 

The Brightside “Butterflies over Belden”:

Keep your 2020 tickets and we have a VERY Special Limited Edition 2020 Hat Pin designed by Steve Wilson waiting for you. All those 2020 Ticket holders that carry over there tickets for this year at Blue Mountain will receive a pin as a gift from us to you for hanging with us threw these tough times.

How to get them?

The Pins will be at our Merch Booth in the middle of the Festival grounds at Blue Mountain. We will have a list of all 2020 ticket holders who carry over their tickets to 2022 (One pin for every Weekend Pass carried over). 

Sadly, in all likelihood this is the last piece of Belden swag we will ever have and was something very special made for our 20 Year anniversary that didn’t happen. Its a piece of history now. 

Stilldream 2021 Highlight Video