Year after year Stilldream festival has brought out some of the most groundbreaking artists in the community. It’s no surprise that the artists placed on this year’s lineup are nothing short of spectacular. Whether you’re a first timer headed to Silldream or a returning veteran, there are a handful of names on the bill that you should be sure not to miss.


Kicking off the list we have San Diego native bass artist Partywave. Partywave has been a long time favorite artist of mine, blending styles of heavy bass with airy and melodic undertones in many pieces of his work. His strengths in music are so versatile that every set I’ve seen of his feels like it’s my first time seeing him perform. Needless to say, you should add Partywave to your list of must-see sets of the weekend.


Next up we have Deep, Dark and Dangerous label artist Pushloop. Having released tracks with producers such as The Widdler, his style brings about a heavy sound that’s suitable for getting low in the crowd or sitting on the outskirts enjoying the music with the classic head nod. Whatever you choose to do while seeing Pushloop, you’ll be sure to enjoy yourself.


If you haven’t been able to bask in the glory that is a lost dogz set, don’t worry, Stilldream has you covered. The lineup is abundant with members of the crew, including the likes of Abelation and Untitld. Both producers deliver their own unique sounds, but still keep the lost dogz flare that is so known and loved in the community. Being able to see these guys would be a treat, so make sure to be up front and center for their performances. Woof woof.


Last but certainly not least, artist Kahji. This guy releases track after track, all of which being absolute bangers. Based out of Portland, Kahji has his own complex style of sound in the electronic realm, specifically creating low end beats that please the senses. His set will without a doubt be filled with heavy hitters that you won’t want to miss out on. Make sure to check him out on SoundCloud and prepare yourself for the madness that will occur during his performance.


These five artists are just a small handful of extremely talented people that will be gracing the stage at this year’s Stilldream Festival. These producers – alongside many others performing this year, will be a phenomenal blend of styles and energy brought to the table for the 19th-anniversary celebration. Do yourself a favor and check out the SoundCloud pages for various artists on the lineup and create your very own list of artists you want to see perform. We’ll see you in the forest!