Pass Explanation

Pass Explanation

Review the details about what each pass gives you access to at Stilldream Festival! All Passes may be purchased online, ONLY General Admission Tickets (weekend) tickets in person at ticket outlets, or at our Box Office while supplies last.


Pass Explanation:

On Site Car Passes available for folks who wish to park on the Blue Mountain Festival Camp Grounds with or in their car at Stilldream. Car Camping passes must be purchased online and are available while supplies last. On Site Car Pass holders pick up their vehicle credentials at the Box Office.

Once you have your credentials, you will be directed to the next available space for On Site parking. Only vehicles with the proper On Site Car Passes can enter the festival grounds.Our Parking Placement Volunteers will help you find a spot for you and your friends. Please be respectful of your neighbors and share space.


This year Stilldream attendees are given the option of coming in early on Thursday. Purchase an Early Entry Pass to enter the Festival on Thursday. Arriving early allows time to set up camp, avoid crowds, catch up with friends and be ready for Dreaming when the festival officially begins on Friday. The Stilldream Barn Party  will be running on Thursday night with entertainment for those on the festival grounds and ready to get the party started!

Only official Dream crew, production staff and lead volunteers are eligible to arrive prior to Noon on Thursday. No person will be allowed to enter the Dream prior to the gate opening for Early Entry Passes. If you arrive prior to Noon on Thursday, you will be turned away from The  gate. The Box Office will close on Thursday at Midnight. No one will be permitted entry after the Box Office closes until it reopens the next morning at 11:00 AM.


Purchase of a general admission pass grants access the pass holder access to all three days of Stilldream! The Box Office opens on Friday at 11:00 A.M. Check the Box Office for hours of operation. No single day tickets are available. General Admission pass holders proceed to the Box Office at arrival. Hard tickets and print outs can be exchanged in the Express Lanes. Will Call pass holders may pick up their credentials at the Will Call window of the Box Office.


RV Passes are available for Dreamers who wish to camp in recreational vehicles (32 feet and under) No 5th wheels sorry. RV’s are permitted to park in one of the RV spaces equiped with Hook up. RV Pass holders must check in and pick up their RV credentials at the Box Office.


Only vehicles with proper vehicle passes may enter the Blue Mountain Event grounds.