Bring some cash, get some food, get a gift someone...


Fire Goddess Pizza

Serving gourmet wood fire pizza

Pele’s Menu

Oyster Mike – On tha Go Catering

French Fries, Loaded Fries, Oysters and more!

India Gourmet

Nan Wraps, Rice Bowls, Snacks and Combo Plates.

Hakuna Hemp Cafe and Lounge

The Hakuna Hemp Cafe and Lounge pop-up brings the comfort, community, and inspiration of a sultry bohemian coffee shop to the event world. Here you can find their Hakuna Hemp Roast and the rest of their CBD infused vegan beverages. The lounge features games, live entertainment, socializing and anything else you would find in a corner coffee shop!

Killa Dilla

A concept and a recipe book that can’t be beaten. After dozens of iterations – starting on the wild streets of Eugene, OR – Killa Dilla travels from event to event, proudly upholding the psychedelic attitudes and vagabond entertainment of our roots with (nearly) every Killa Dilla.

We use Organic produce and local tortillas whenever we can. And always use sustainably harvested and/or local seafood.

MH Donuts

Donuts, Coffee, tea, kambucha, infused water


The Mineral Depot, Deadcat Clothing, Reprezent Clothing, Wish Wear, Heady HQ, Live Wire Neon, Kevin Psychedelik, Witchy Witch Craft, One Stop Soul Shop