Stilldream 2019 Visionary Artists

Look below to see some of this years amazing talent that will be at the dream!

Free Rolando

Conquest, Consolidation, Expansion, Degeneration, conquest, barbarism at last. Chop wood carry water.



Irie Gilbert is a multiple disciplinary artist staying in Oakland ca, with a focus on fine art, jewelry and textiles design.

Exploring the relationship between mixed mediums, his painting style thrives off environment live painting at events. Adapting abstract expression, landscape ideas and full community immersion into a visual boutique.

Julie Beloussow | Instagram
Julie Beloussow is a Californian artist best known for her pen and ink illustrations of otherworldly characters.

Swirling and buoyant, they exist within a dreamlike realm among a host of totems based on personal associations. Often reminiscent of the mythologies and philosophies that influenced her over the years.

Her interest in psychonautics and themes inspired by folktales, death, psychedelia, and the supernatural give viewers a glimpse of playfully strange apparitions with mysterious undertones both benign and ominous.

Beloussow works in a variety of mediums, such as ceramics and digital design, although recently her focus has been in ink and paint. Her work has been exhibited at a number of West Coast festivals.

Madi Sun Martin (indigo.butterfly) | Instagram

Through meditation and calling upon intention, imaginative visions come through from spirit guides. I use various combinations of processes within my paintings including photography, digital, collaging, and transferring elements to create my compositions and use paint to add my hand and spirit and emotive qualities into the work. My aim is for my artwork to be alchemical narratives and messages of visualization and spiritual healing, connection to earth, spirit, and higher self to represent my spiritual experiences with nature through symbols existing in magically real spaces.

Women, nature, earth, spirit, meditational head-spaces are symbolized to speak on the current political and scientific conditions of Earth and Mother Gaia’s call out for reclaiming, reconnecting, revitalizing the earth, plant medicine and communication, our spiritual connection, and oppression.


Etsy | Facebook | Instagram

From the nether-regions of a far off Galaxy EP has come to earth to bring the spirit of soulful silliness with an entourage of space babes and psychedelic dreamscapes.
Smoking weed, shaking booties, EP’s art is here to party (and contemplate the vast enigmatic beauty of the universe).

Bree Like A Tree | Facebook | Instagram

Bree Tree is a spunky pixie creating magical worlds within her canvas using buttery blends of all spectrums of the rainbow. Bright colors pop with funky creatures, fantasy magic and strange surrealism. Upbeat and fun, with her inner-child always running free; Bree loves to bring smiles to all those that view her art.
Focusing on a mix of visionary, pop surrealism, and a fun whimsy all her own; she has dubbed her style Whimsadelic.

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